Elettra Stamboulis / Arrivi e Partenze_Mediterrano / Borjana Mrđa / 2012

"Mrdja is a Bosnian artist who already has exhibitions and projects to her credit in various parts of the world, from Berlin to New York and Milan. She mainly uses photography to document an artistic oeuvre created through close contact with the public and the relationship with her own body. The theme of boundary and identitary limit supplies one of the most profitable sources of her work.

Body is boundary and boundary becomes body: this is the point made by The Border, in which the wound on the artist’s hand is compared with the frontiers of Bosnia in 2010. Borders as unstable as those of a wound as it gradually changes form, diminishes and follows the passage of time. Hers is a kind of “counter-cartography”, as Claudia Zanfi puts it, which identifies the body as unique boundary, or which perhaps sees the ambiguity of physical confinement reflected in the ambiguity of corporeal limit: a boundary continually under discussion, brought into play, redrawn, with real or invisible barriers, by hands that take no account of the scars. Human geography becomes an actual map reflected on a body, her own. The state of exception, as Agamben defines it, becomes the subject represented by this work, which draws its greatest force from synthesis and from the simultaneous possibility of rising to the perfect symbolic form of the Bosnian situation.

In Artists at Work, part of the INTRADA/modes of speech project curated by Karin Rolle, the encounter between the Bosnian artist and the Germans with whom she collaborated led to the creation of the light box on show here in Ancona: a photograph in which the human figures have been cut out. So the light shines from their silhouettes, indicating how in the artist’s vision the exclusion of identitary elements – in this case artists from different countries – may be a positive point of departure.

What remains and defines the creative action of the individuals is the landscape, which unites the bodies without concern about their background. The artist is born and acts in sociological and cultural space that reflects a light in which the artist acts and becomes somehow shadow."

   taken from catalogue:

President: Andrea Nobili; Project Coordinator: Domitilla Catana Vallemani; Conception and Curator: Elettra Stamboulis; With collaboration of: Maria Rita Bentini, Sabina Ghinassi, Lorenza Pignatti, white.fish.tank; Publication edited by: Elettra Stamboulis; Essays by: Maria Rita Bentini, Sabina Ghinassi, Lorenza Pignatti, Marta Magagnini; Editorial Coordination and Editing: Maria Rita Bentini, Sabina Ghinassi, Elettra Stamboulis; Translations: David Smith; Exhibition Coordination: Domitilla Catana Vallemani, Elena Feggi; Installation Gabriele Angeletti, Giorgio Trozzi; Graphic and Commmunication: ibloom, Ancona